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April 7, 2012
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I'll Get By by x0celestial I'll Get By by x0celestial
"used to listen to my life,
I was so put together,
I chose what I wanted to be in that age of chasing sand,
the age of believing in everything,
but I couldn't save you,
I couldn't save what was taken away,
and I'm still singing, and you still can't stay.
You "loved life," and those words have lasted,
I just wish I would have had ears for more than what you said
because I still feel the lack long after.
Such a light body, such a quiet gait leaving behind the weight of the world,
I'll always think it was too early to lose your shine,
I guess the means that ends us means nothing,
I just hope it's the peace we all need,
Because I could love and drown in your God damned smile lines,
but I think I burnt up watching you rallying to stay alive,
and I guess that's fine.
It seems we all get sick,
we all die in some no name hospital with the same colored walls,
and I guess that's fine,
but I want to swallow, I want to stomach, I want to live.
It's been a rough while and some days are worse than others,
there's no proper way to feel, no mirth, no levity, no amazing grace,
just a flame on a lake floating away,
I can't let you lay,
I want you to know, I'm learning patience against my will,
I want you to know, I'll get by, always barely scraping
with just a hunger, with just a heart apart,
it's a hell of a thing.

~Pianos Become the Teeth, I'll Get By

I really don't remember when the last time I posted was, but yeah, I've been creating, don't worry. Anyways, this song is BEAUTIFUL seriously, go check it out. Amazing band.


Beach: *Sed-rah-Stock and ~rjdp1
Model: *Bugidifino
Textures: =Snowys-Fox *SolStock ~remidica-stock ~dazzle-textures ~WanderingSoul-Stox
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Violetphantasy Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Featured in my Watchers' Features [link]

Thank you for all your support!
oh wow this is simply beautiful! Stunning work it looks like some professional work it's so spring like and fantastic! :)
Thanks, I'm glad you like it! :love:
prita-dy Apr 7, 2012  Student General Artist
awae amaziing *__*
prita-dy Apr 7, 2012  Student General Artist
it's just colourful and beautiful :D
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